Botox injection

Botox injection procedure has gained extreme popularity in the field of anti-aging treatments since the 1990s thanks to its simplicity and almost immediate results. Being a nonsurgical treatment it leaves no scars and does not involve significant side effects.

Botox injection effectively moderates facial wrinkles and lines and is also potent as a treatment for some disorders such as excessive perspiration, migraine headaches and blepharospasm (involuntary blinking). Botox is the commercial name for Botulinum Toxin Type A which is a protein complex derived from bacteria.

As time goes by, fibres of the skin become less and less flexible and wrinkle formation on the face begins due to the natural aging process, sun damage and, most importantly, the movement of mimic muscles. When you make facial expressions these muscles cause the skin to furrow along the same lines, hence leading to the development of crow’s feet, laugh lines, worry lines and the little frown line between the brows. With the help of Botox injection these fine lines can easily be smoothed and the procedure, its effect lasting for three to six months, may be repeated three or four times a year.

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How does Botox reduce wrinkles?

The doctor administers to your facial muscles several tiny injections of Botox, their location being determined by their size and your ability to move them. The finest micro-needle is used so the discomfort is minimal and most patients describe the pain not to be more serious than a mosquito bite. When injected to the muscles the toxin has a local effect: around the injection site it enters nerve cells and blocks the transmission between muscle fibres and nerve endings. Once attaching itself to nerve endings, it prevents the release of acetylcholin which is responsible for transmitting signals among nerve cells. This way Botox temporarily reduces contractions of facial muscles that make the skin wrinkle. The toxin stays in the body, at most, for six months and when it starts to diminish, muscle activity gradually reappears.

The procedure takes ten to twenty minutes and you are able to continue your day and resume normal activities immediately afterwards. A slight smoothing effect appears in a few hours and in 3 to 7 days the final results are visible. Patients are asked to return to the hospital 7 and 14 days after the procedure for a checkup then in the third and the sixth month. The first of these aftercare visits is required at our clinic.

Our board certified plastic surgeon, dr Molnar Miklos MD provides the highest quality treatment and the most devoted care for you. He will select carefully which muscles to block and which ones to keep active so your normal mimicry will be completely maintained.

Dr. Molnár is the National Trainer for Facial Aesthetics at Allergan, makers of Botox™, Juvéderm™, Latisse™, Lap-Band™ and many other cutting edge products in the field of aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. 

We ensure that you will get the best results at a very reasonable price.

If you would like to get advantage of this wonderful opportunity, do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you an appointment for a consultation with a widely experienced member of our staff.

Botox as a long-term treatment

Although Botox injection is a temporary cure for wrinkles, a series of treatments does have its long-term benefits. If the injections are repeated systematically facial muscles will soften and longer lasting results can be achieved with each treatment. It is best to undergo the first procedure when the first signs of aging occur so the process of wrinkling can be terminated. With consistent Botox use not only will the improvement get more and more significant, but wrinkles will actually start to fade so the face looks more relaxed even when the effect of Botox has gone. It means that over a period of one to three years the skin may reach the state of profound healing.

Botox injection is not a substitute for invasive plastic surgery procedures but is often used in combination with face-related procedures such as face lifts, eyelid surgery, brow lift, and even laser skin resurfacing to help strengthen and maintain their results. If perfomed early, Botox considerably slows down aging and delays the necessity of cosmetic surgery.

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